The (self-proclaimed) King of Darkness

The Story so Far

So a nameless centaur and Korg, the Dwarven fighter get attacked by halfling bandits on the road outside the Avalonian capital city of Vestus. After killing the bandits, they are approached by a group of guards. which they promptly engaged in battle with. killing off a large number of them. That night a messenger comes and invites them to a dinner on behalf of the king. They go to the dinner where they meet a sorceress named Sapphire. Korg begins to flirt with a lovely dwarf woman sitting next to him and next thing they know they are all in a jail cell speaking privately with King Vestus. He hires them to go to the next kingdom east and kill the king of Sestenia. On the way east, they meet a strange rogue named Antonio. They battle a shark wearing gold plate armor (weird, right?) and enter a dragon’s cave at the base of the mountain range separating Avalon and Sestenia. They meet the dragon who lives in the cave after he is awoken by a dwarf druid named Roshae who dug into the cave from below the floor. The dragon questions you about your quest and goes into rage mode at the mention of the king of Sestenia. (the king is named Valsun, btw) he gives each of you some magical items to help in the assassination of King Valsun.You cross the mountains (Roshae gaining possesion of a herd of goats along the way) and stop for a night in a town not far from the mountains. Korg, the centaur, and Sapphire all enter into a battle in the town’s coliseum the next day and work together to fell a nimblewright and get a human bard named Anna to join your most noble of quests as a result. Heading east again, you stop to inspect the ruins of a coliseum. Our centaur friend goes to inspect the skull of the dragon skeleton in the middle of the arena. Walking amidst the countless half-buried suits of full plate armor, Sapphire decides to walk around the inside of the remains of the structure. The centaur finds a greatsword in the dragon’s skull, and after taking it outside, discovers that it has the ability to call down lightning. Sapphire finds a number of magical scrolls and leaves with Korg and Roshae to set up camp for the night while Antonio and the centaur decide to scope out the ruins. They find a dying necromancer in a secret room who summons an army of skeletons just before taking a death blow from Antonio. The centaur and Antonio escape the ruins after the centaur uses his previously acquired fireball necklace to make the ruins so structurally unsound that they collapse on themselves, killing the skeletons that Antonio and the centaur hadn’t already taken care of. You decide to get as far from the abandoned arena as you can and run into a village of wanderers. Anna, trying to intimidate one of the villagers into giving her some “dragon” meat stew, shoots a flaming crossbow bolt at a tent, instantly lighting it on fire. Unknown to any of you, the tent had a newborn child and two 4 year old twins in it. While the villagers chased down and killed Anna for this heinous act, Sapphire managed to save the newborn and one of the twins. Needless to say, you decided to forsake Anna and go on your merry way before the villagers remembered you were there.



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