The (self-proclaimed) King of Darkness

The Capital City

So you guys finally made it to Satire, capital city of Sestenia. Our rogue friend Antonio went to the bar, which was aptly named BAR, as soon as you arrived. There, he got about 8 of the wealthiest noblemen in the city drunk enough to impress a dwarf and stole all of there money. Meanwhile, our fighter, Korg, went to the local magic shop, Magicland, and got a job from the VERY strange shop owner and his sister. After heading over to the general store and paying more than twice the regular price for lettuce because his cashier was racist, Korg gave his boss his lunch and was then told to grab a staff from the back of the shop. The shopkeeper did some fancy shenanigans with the staff and Antonio suddenly appeared in the shop and started freaking out a little. He then started speaking with the shopkeeper in Elvish, at which point Korg noticed the shopkeeper getting taller and his ears growing more pointed. Antonio talked the shopkeeper into selling him the staff for 150 gp and then they began conversing in Mongrel. Korg paid no attention to the conversation because to him it sounded like they were gargling rocks. He did, however notice that the shopkeeper started growing a beard and becoming shorter. He was also perfectly sane at the moment. As soon as Antonio left, the shopkeep became insane again, which was how Korg himself felt at the moment, and told Korg he could stay in the room downstairs. While Korg prepared his dinner, Antonio decided to destroy the staff by smacking it against a building several times. He felt very light-headed when the staff broke. Meanwhile, Korg heard two people fall to the floor above him as if they had passed out and then screaming. He went to see what had happened and was told immediately to leave by the shop cleaning lady. Antonio ran into a Mongrelfolk guard while Korg was debating bathing himself in the fountain of the square and the guard took him to a private room in the nearest inn. While they discussed the power of the staff Antonio had destroyed, Antonio became suddenly aware of all the ancient Mongrelfolk knowledge that he never learned thanks to his being abandoned. He became aware of the prophesy speaking of the staff and its destroyer becoming God of the Mongrelfolk at the same time as he began to glow and felt himself absorbing limitless power from the staff. He then vanished from the plane in a bright flash and used his new godly abilities to destroy the crazy shopkeeper and make his sister prophet of the Mongrelfolk.


Korg probably thought they were both insane because they were making noises that nobody in their right mind would make.

The Capital City

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